Steel Service Center


e supply steel coils from our own stock consisting of:

  • Hot rolled steel (< 2mm)
  • Cold rolled steel (0.4mm - 2mm)
  • Galvanized coated steel (0.5mm - 1.6mm)
  • Prepainted galvanized steel (0.5mm - 1.4mm)
  • AL-Zn coated steel (0.5mm - 1mm)


  • Slitting

    Our “Free Loop Slitter” with shimless tooling, is able to slit coils from 0.4mm to 2.5mm thick, 1550mm wide using up to 25 ton coils max. 


    We are able to provide:

    • Good edge quality on all gauges
    • More uniform tension on slit strands
    • Better wound coils on recoiler
    • Close tolerances on slit widths

  • Blanking

    Our “Cut To Length line” incorporates a “Swivel Share” which blanks material from 0.4mm to 1.6mm thick, 1300mm wide to lengths of 6000m using 10 tons coils max.

    • Tight tolerance blanks
    • Tapered blanks in line
    • Produce scratch free blanks
    • Apply protective film to sheet
    • Combine slitting and cut to length

  • Pressing

    Our “Press Feeding line” is able to press out formed blanks direct from a coil 0.4mm to 2.0mm thick, 1250mm wide with a maximum mass of 12.5 tons.


    • High volume pressings economically
    • Save material by nesting
    • Combine slitting and pressing